Frequently Asked Questions in Ruangreka

Answers to Our Most Commonly Asked Questions

All About Virtual Office

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office provides your business with the corporate image and business infrastructure of a multinational company without the cost. Your business will get a prestigious business address and a office front-office.

Also gain access to Meeting Rooms for your important business meetings, internet connectivity and to all the office utilities you need to get your work done.

Who Uses a Virtual Office?

Businesses of all sizes; freelancer, entrepreneurs, startup, home businesses, SME’s and corporations, can benefit from establishing a strong corporate presence with a virtual office:

  • Local companies requiring a premium façade office
  • Companies that are testing or setting up operations in a new market and are not yet prepared to take on the expense of a permanent office
  • Companies in need of a project office or local contact info for the duration of a project
  • Companies testing a new market before committing to a permanent presence
  • Small Businesses who want a credible business address to put on their business card, letterhead, and corporate collaterals
  • Entrepreneurs in need of premium meeting rooms for key business meetings
  • Businesses with premises outside the city centre, which require meeting rooms or workspace in the city centre.

How can a virtual office help my business to expand?

A business with local contact information is much more accessible to prospective clients than a business with contact information in another country or city. With a local address and phone number (by request) supplied by a virtual office, you won’t lose business just because you aren’t locally based.

Can I use Ruangreka location on my business cards?

Yes; for each location where you are a virtual office client, you can use Ruangreka address on your business cards as well as on your website.

Does a virtual office provide access to Meeting Rooms?

Yes; Ruangreka virtual office members gain access to our meeting rooms. Our meetings rooms are equipped with high quality monitors, LCD projectors, whiteboards, and broadband-internet connections. Freshly brewed coffee, tea and water for you and your guests are complimentary.

Is there a "rules" for Virtual Office member that I should know?

Bottom line, no fraud, no drugs, no illegal going-ons, no porn and please, just be ethical.

Do I get a space for work?

I’m sorry No. Virtual Office not give you physical space to work. If you need space for work, see our Coworking Space Membership Plan.

Can I use the address for the bank loan application?

I’m sorry No. You can’t use our address for the Bank Loan Application nor Legal and Domicile Application.

How do I became a Ruangreka Virtual Office Member?

Simply choose the package and fill-out the application form. Click right here.

All About Coworking Space

What is a Coworking Space?

Coworking space is a plug and play model where office space is shared by other occupants. You get to work in a rich environment with like minded people and also supported by complete office infrastructure.

Who Uses a Coworking Space?

Basically anyone can be a member at a coworking space. But our most common profiles are independent professionals that are part of the local community.

  • Freelancer
  • Consultant
  • Designer
  • Programmer
  • Founder
  • Startup Business
  • Non-Profit

How would Ruangreka coworking space help my new business/ startup?

Ruangreka coworking space is designed to help you kickstart your operations instantly. Our community-members will accelerate your growth.

Read our blog “10 Keuntungan Coworking Space Dibanding Kantor Konvensional” to know the benefits.

What is the minimum term required to reserved a coworking seat?

You can hire desk space for a few hours to as many months as you need. Our Membership plan consist of daily plan, weekly plan and monthly plan. Click Here!

I am not an Indonesian citizen, do I have a work permit?

You must make sure that you are operating within the Indonesia’s laws, according to the purpose of your visit and activities. Ruangreka coworking space does not take any responsibility for making sure that you are operating within your rights and we do not guarantee that the coworking space is providing any justification for your permits.

Is the place noisy?

All members should be aware that a coworking space is not like a private office. The space can be noisy sometimes and sometimes there are events in the space. As a member of the space you should enjoy the opportunity to grow your network, do business and make friends. And it requires talking.

We know that people need to focus to get work done. It is a fine balance and we are doing our best to make sure that the place is alive and buzzing, but not so noisy that it is impossible to get work done.

Each person will have different opinion on how much noise that is ok. So we encourage our member to bring their headphones and have a nice playlist to listen to if you need to be alone with your thoughts.

Sometimes I need private place for meeting, where can I go?

We have a meeting-room size up-to 8 people. It is perfect for private meetings and it is also equipped with a LCD TV. You can book it in the same day or one day in advance.

Is there some place where I can store my equipment?

Yes; we offer storage lockers for our members. If you want to bring a PC and monitor, please contact our front desk host to inquire about the availability and conditions.

What are the "Policies" I have to follow?

Bottom line, no fraud, no drugs, no illegal going-ons, no porn and please, just be ethical.

Can I registered my company at your address?

I’m sorry, right now you can’t. But, we working on it.

How do I became a Ruangreka Coworking Space Member?

Simply choose the package and fill-out the application form. Click right here.

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